You want to know about me?

In the course of a day I wear many hats but some never change – I’m a child of God, wife and Mum.

I am also a skilled household facilitator, mediator, nurse, chaffeur and tiger!  The tiger part comes in relation to being a Mum – I’ve been blessed with three amazing sons and with that comes the privilege of being allowed to have something of an insight into the world of autism.  One of my sons has high-functioning autism, another has Aspergers and yet another is classed as “Neuro-typical” (whatever that is)

Life is busy and not without its challenges but I believe no-one lives an entirely challenge-free life!  In my spare time (yes there is some!) I love to bake and sometimes, I even eat the cakes I make … although usually I give them away!

That’s me – nothing very exciting, just a regular person 🙂

I’d love it if you’d leave a comment or two … I always read comments and it’s nice to know what others think 🙂

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