Month: November 2010

The Secret Life of Socks!

Have you ever seen a sock move? Yes, of course, we’ve all seen socks move when snuggly wrapped round someone’s foot or when hanging on the washing line in a gentle breeze but what I’m really interested in is whether you’ve actually seen a sock move of it’s own accord … no assistance from a third party!

Anyone who has dealt with a laundry basket has experienced the phenomenon of the “vanishing sock”! Surely they have little lives of their own … after all, why is it that the laundry can be put into the washing machine carefully ensuring that all the socks are there … but when it comes out of the drier there is at least one (and often more) odd sock! Or how does a sock manage to hide so that it doesn’t get into the washing machine at all but when you go back to empty the machine, said sock is sitting in the middle of the floor and, I swear, winking cheekily at you!

I can’t say that I like to think much about the quality of life a sock has … it can’t be fun spending most of the day wrapped around someone’s foot, especially in some cases!!!! Maybe, however, this is the reason that socks are so adept at hiding … after all, I think I would probably manage to dredge up some super-human powers to hide faced with the prospect of “eau de pied” day after day.