Month: December 2012


No2 son has decided to talk like a book today.  He’s ending everything with “said No2 son” or “No2 son said in a big voice”.  He’s also introducing his brothers to book-speak too (and seems to have them pegged!)  … “No1 son shouted” or “No3 son moaned”!  I’m hoping he doesn’t begin to include me in this or it will be “Mum ranted” at the end of every sentence 😉

I’ve noticed that he’s also started speaking about himself in the third person – really hope this is just a phase.  Holidays from school are a real break in routine and Christmas/New Year is a particularly disruptive time so I’m hoping that he’s just using this as a strategy to cope.

He does make me smile though … “Said Mum lovingly”!


Another year ends!  It’s quite frightening how quickly time is passing … Son No1 was 9 just a couple of weeks ago and yet it’s not 9 years since he came squawking and wriggling into our lives!  How very odd!

Looking back over 2012 I’m grateful that God has held us in His hands and brought us safely through another year.  It has been an amazing year – many highs and lows but it’s fair to say that the highs most definitely outnumber the lows and even some of the lows have turned out to be highs in disguise!

In March I lost my job which spurred me on to step back into the world of self-employment.  I have regular work at the moment, not much, but regular which is great!  I also took the step from thinking I’d like to learn how to make jewellery to taking a course or two and suddenly I find that I have a jewellery business too!  Life is so exciting 🙂 

My precious boys have filled our lives with laughter, tears, giggling, squabbling and so much happiness.  No1 son voluntarily joined a choir which, for a child with ASD and an aversion to music, is a HUGE milestone – we were so proud of him singing in a concert.  He’s progressed well with his swimming and is, generally, a happy lad.

No2 son has progressed well with his swimming and gymnastics.  He received a diagnosis of Aspergers in November which, although expected, was a very difficult time for the hubster and I.  He’s doing well in school and is beginning to integrate more with other children … his class teacher had to stop a class recently because he and another girl were talking … we were delighted!

No3 son is 4 now, quite scary really!  He’s a brilliant wee lad who reminds us with the girl with a curl.  He’s either a delight to be around or, if in a bad mood, totally horrid!  He’s behaving much better in pre-school, doing well with his letters and can add numbers up to 10 with ease. 

I’m very proud of my boys 🙂