So, Mr GG is not well 😦  He seems to have a fluey-type bug/chest infection … his breathing sounds like someone trying to start a reluctant car!  It’s nice having him home longer but I do hope he gets better soon – the world is wrong when any of my men are ill.

I took the three boys and my parents over to Torryburn this afternoon.  We took No2 Son’s metal detector with us in the hope of finding some treasure and becoming millionaires overnight!  Unfortunately No3 Son managed to get himself stuck fast in some mud while fortune hunting and landed in the gunk!  On helping said son out of the mud I managed to get stuck fast myself and narrowly missed falling flat on my face when No3 lost his balance and grabbed me to stabilise himself!  Yuck!  Ah well, what else is a washing machine for!

It was nice to be out and about and, despite the mud and lack of treasure, we had a good time … home to clean clothes and mugs of hot chocolate, what could be better.


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