Date Day

Today I had a treat – Mr GG is still ill (that’s not the treat) but felt he could manage enough for No1 Son and I to go out for lunch together 🙂  It’s lovely to have the opportunity to spend some alone time with one of my boys.  We went into town together to buy a present for No1 Son’s best friend who is starting a new school on Monday (sob) and then lunched together in McDonalds. We also nipped in Heavenly Beads … my favourite shop … to buy some fixings for a couple of pieces of jewellery I have underway – I’m proud to say that I only bought what I needed and wasn’t tempted by the beautiful beads on offer!  For once!

While in town we also took the opportunity to price a new Wii.  On Hogmanay our Wii packed up and on enquiring whether it could be fixed were soundly told it was “goosed”!  This is a disaster especially as No1 Son had saved his pocket money and birthday money to buy the Skylanders Giants game … he’s not even had it one month yet!  A new Wii was definitely not something we factored into buying in January and I, for one, could live without it but … ah well … it’s hard to explain!

Mr GG is still not well – he sounds incredibly ropey and has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so he must be feeling very bad!  I hope he’s feeling better soon – the past month has been very unhealthy for our family!

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