Teehee!  After our “date” on Thursday No1 Son was quite concerned that he might have to marry me!  I’ve reassured him but did think it was funny … poor lad!

Mr GG is still not well but (don’t tell him I said this) I think he’s on the mend.  He still sounds pretty awful and is coughing loads but I think the worst is over!

We had a nice day yesterday – last real day of the Christmas holidays.  We stayed home in the morning and I got a few bits and pieces done then after lunch we went to a local park which the boys love going to.  No2 Son found it all a bit much and got a bit upset that there were other people there but I’m used to it now and know that once he’s back into a routine things will calm down. After being at the park I nipped into Game with the broken Wii – it’s totally goosed which we suspected but I managed to pick up a pre-owned one for £45 so the boys are happy, happy, happy! 

So, Saturday morning started with a drama … nothing like our household for drama!  Our beloved Slinky Malinky has cut his paw.  He’s now languishing with the vet where he’s to be sedated and get his paw stapled (hopefully not to the table).  Sheesh, 2013 is certainly starting off on a very expensive foot isn’t it!  Still, Slinks is worth it!

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