The past few days have been busy with many little things … not least the back to school/nursery routine for the boys and back to work upheaval for Mr GG.

Fortunately Mr GG is much, much better – he’s still coughing but he’s not TOO bad now.  Unfortunately Mr GG has kindly shared his germs with me so I’ve been feeling pretty grotty for the past day or so … still, onwards and upwards!

Slinky Malinky is surviving his house arrest.  We are on Day 5 of the battle and so far it if 5-0 to me … to be fair I should count day one as he was so spaced out on the drugs he’d been given that he wouldn’t have been able to negotiate his way out of the door anyway!  I took him back to the vet this morning hoping to be told all was well and he could go out again but we’ve to keep him in for another five days … that’s, like, a lifetime!!!  Eek!

Great excitement for the family yesterday when No2 Son finally lost his first tooth.  He was so proud of himself and you can tell (although I dread to think what’s he’s been eating to make his teeth look so dirty!):


Today No1 Son came home from school with an envelope.  Inside the envelope were lots of bits of paper and on them his classmates had written things about him.  The overwhelming opinion of No1 Son’s classmates appears to be that he is kind, help and a good friend … they are definitely qualities I would want to instill in my children.  Admittedly No1 Son’s amazing ability with and love of electronic games was mentioned more than once too 😉

No3 Son spent the afternoon with his Gran GG today.  Gran GG told me that she had asked No3 Son is he was Gran’s boy on a Wednesday … he soundly put her in her place by telling her that he was Mum’s boy on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …

I love my boys 😉

Just one last thing … a few days ago, towards the end of last year we took a wee trip to Ikea one day.  The boys quite like going there because they like the way the kids bedrooms are set up … at one point we lost them and this is what we found:


I was very impressed … good thinking on the part of Ikea … dotted throughout the store were televisions showing various childrens’ programmes … and dotted throughout the store were children sitting watching them.  Great idea!

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