Funny old things, are cats!


Introducing you to Slinky Malinky – bascically a blob of black fur with two yellowy/green eyes!  He’s fab really – patient with the boys and a content cat.  He’s a hunter, loves being outdoors and regularly bringing us presents of mice and birds (the birds I’m not so keen on, I prefer them flying around to lying dead at my door!).

This is day 7 of the “Keep Slinky Malinky indoors” battle and I’m winning … but at a cost.  He’s bored and frightened.  Roll on Monday when we hope the vet  says he can go out again!

It’s been interesting observing Slinky Malinky – he has very expressive ears (like all cats probably)!  We’ve noticed that when he’s happy his ears perk up, when he’s frightened they’re flat and when he’s up to mischief they stick out to the sides!  It’s great having this wee insight … a couple of times a day during Slinky’s home confinement he has a funny five minutes where he runs about daft leaping around, jumping on things and being a right pickle … we can be prepared … the ears move into a place just before take off 🙂

Ach, it’s great having a cat … he’s a good lad!

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