Month: February 2013

Catching up :-)

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it!  So much for my decision to stick at blogging and keep up to date. 

Lots has happened over recent weeks.  Slinky Malinky’s paw has healed and he’s finally been allowed out again … he was only kept in for 10 days but those 10 days were the longest on record … beaten only, possibly, by going over due with the boys!

The boys are all on holiday from school/nursery now … this is half-term.  The holiday is nearly over and they go back on Tuesday – I love the holidays.  I love having my children around and enjoying their company.

We started the holidays with a treat – snow!  There was lots of it (for us) and it kept on snowing all morning!  Unfortunately by the afternoon the rain had come on and by the next day (yesterday) there was precious little left!  In fact, yesterday was so warm that the boys were out playing without coats!  This is some crazy weather.

Talking of snow though, I had my first ever experience of sledging a few weeks back … I can’t believe I’ve got to 42 and missed out on so much fun!  There were lots of spills and tumbles (for all of us) but we all enjoyed ourselves!


The past few days have been slightly difficult for us … No1 Son was punched in the face by another child in school.  He is autistic and although he copes well with school he just didn’t understand that he ought to tell a teacher.  He was hit so hard that we had to take him to the emergency dentist to check out a sore tooth 😦  Poor lad has been quietly stressing about it and not sleeping too well.  He’s anxious about going back to school, especially as the other child said that he’d kill No1 Son … we all (should) know how literally people with autism can take things! 

Still, the incident has given us opportunity to talk about forgiveness.  Every morning we read the Bible together then pray and then lastly, say the Lord’s Prayer.  The line about forgiving those who sin against us has been a challenge.  No1 Son says he does forgive the other child but says he understands it can be difficult to do so.  Me, on the other hand … well, I’m learning just how hard it is to forgive someone who hurts your child … hurt me, that’s one thing but hurt my child …. ooooooohhhhhh!

Last but not least … following a sermon from our pastor a couple of weeks ago, Mr M had decided that we need to lead a more simple life!  Boy, oh boy, it’s hard work at times 😉