Still plodding on!

Pfft!  I’m not doing well at this blogging lark.  I’ve a tendency to use Facebook to note funny wee things that the boys say but I need to get out of the habit and post here more!

We’ve had a good couple of months.  Things settled down after a pretty rocky start to 2013 and I’m very thankful!

The boys continue to make me smile and make me cry from time to time – I love them so unbelievably much and, although at times I feel totally overwhelmed, I love spending time with them.  We are just ending the Easter holidays – back to school in two days 😦  Mr GG has been on holiday this week … lots of fun family time 🙂  We had a trip to Auchengarrich earlier in the week – what a fab place … lots of fun for the boys 🙂


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