I love being a Mum … my life has changed more than I could possibly have ever imagined in the past (nearly) ten years and I love it.  It’s not always easy to be a parent and there are times that I struggle but I love it!  My boys give me so many reasons to smile 🙂

Yesterday Son No3 was eating a jellybaby … there was one left in the bag and he insisted it was kept for him to share with his brothers when they came home from school.  How lovely! Admittedly Sons No1&2 both said “Thanks but no” at the thought of 1/3 of a jellybaby but, hey, it’s the thought that counts!

One other thing that strikes me about my children (it seems Son No2 in particular) is that they seem to fill the laundry basket with quite impressive speed!


I don’t have the “before” picture but be assured that my boys left for school this morning looking nothing like this … one could even describe them as looking smart and presentable!  The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that No2 has his jumper on back to front … his tie is nowhere to be found!  Even the less observant will surely notice that No1 has been eating yogurt!  No1 struggles with his fine motor skills at times and it appears his yogurt got the better of him on this occasion!

Son No2 loves the garden and playing in the mud.  He’s an outdoor boy – he’s happiest in the fresh air whether it’s the garden, or the beach, or in the beautiful hills we are blessed with in Scotland.  Recently the weather has been seasonal … four seasons daily.  Just a few days ago I looked out into the garden as I prepared tea … and this was what I saw:


ImageYes, that’s his school coat!  Eek!  Still, fore-warned is fore-armed … I set a rug out on the floor by the door so that he could stand on it while he stripped off and I carried him straight up to the shower … no risk of letting him get mud everywhere.  This time!



Look at his face … he was so happy!  How could I be annoyed!

Today we had yet another repeat experience of “playing” in the garden.  Son No2 spent the day at home today as he’d taken a bad reaction to a change in the washing powder – he wasn’t ill but incredibly spotty!  I noticed my boy playing and clocked the fact that his hands and feet were, well, mocket!  Unfortunately I took my eye off the culprit and lost him … this follows:

“Where are you?”

“Follow the footsteps Mum, I’m in the bathroom washing”



Wondering if the bathmat was maybe used as a towel to remove the dirt after washing???  Spare a thought  for me!  This is the state of the mat he was standing on … just imagine the state my stair carpet was in … Son No2 wasn’t exaggerating when advising I follow his footprints!

And, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world! 


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