Dandelions :-)

I’ve had a few days away from home staying with a very dear friend of mine and her beautiful children.  I missed my boys terribly – all four of them!  Mr GG did an admirable job holding the fort during my absence – he’s a real star.

Son No2 welcomed me home with flowers … he picked them on his way out of school today and they are the sweetest flowers I’ve ever seen.  What a thoughtful boy 🙂



A week or so ago Son No1 came across a lego animation made by the grandson of friends of ours.  He was really taken with it and keen to try for himself … here is his first attempt (which I think is pretty good).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APLi7x4semY – he showed it to his class teacher today and she encouraged him to show it to the class, talk about how he did it and answer questions from them.  I’m so proud … and so encouraged by this positive feedback from his teacher!

It’s good to be home (but I also really enjoyed my weekend!)


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