Catching up!

It’s been a lovely week here – the weather has been glorious and the GG boys have had plenty of opportunities to play in the garden.  None of them are able to ride bikes yet and this is just the weather for them to learn but I’m slightly daunted at the thought of taking three out on bikes at once!  Maybe in the summer holidays we’ll have a go!

On a daily basis I’m asked lots of questions … here is a sample of some of the gems from this week:

What will we walk on in heaven?

Can I get an Xbox One?

Were people allowed to sing in Nineveh?

Would it be kind for us to get a dog to look after?

Can I get a pet lamb?

When God spoke to Samuel he talked very loudly … why can’t I hear Him?

What’s a miracle?

Can I get an Xbox One?

Why isn’t it snowing today?

Is Jesus happy when I pray?

Can I get £10 a day so I can save for an Xbox One?

Often the boys don’t wait for an answer before moving onto the next question and often, as you can see, they follow the route of perseverance wearing Mr GG and I down!  In the case of the Xbox One it WON’T WORK (saying it loudly in case any GG boys are reading this!)

A big excitement of the week was this:

ImageHaving spent my childhood unable to get anything with my name on it, I was most chuffed to find my name adorning the side of a cola bottle!  Shame it was diet … maybe a wee hint for me 😉

So that’s been the GG week so far … nothing exciting to report but it’s Thursday and the weekend is nearly here … only 26 more schooldays until the summer holidays … can’t wait!


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