There are times when you know that you shouldn’t laugh but you just can’t help it.  I don’t know about you but that generally happens to me at completely inappropriate times.

Take Sunday, for example … sitting in church yesterday, in a particularly quiet moment, Son No2 chose to loudly ask “Why has that man got no hair?  Why is that man’s head shiny?”.  Laughing was not the appropriate response, not at all … especially as the man in question was sitting right in front of me!  I did hush Son No2 but, really … who can blame him for starting to giggle and repeat his question when I was trying not to let tears run down my face!

Then there was the BB display on Friday night.  This time I’m not even going to number the boy … I want to maintain his anonymity 😉 … it appears that Son No? decided he’d stood in line long enough for the inspection, so snuck out of his place and casually walked along the back of the row of leaders nipping their bottoms!  Or the unidentified GG Son who decided that the talking had gone on for far too long so just lay on the floor … not subtly, oh no, sprawled out resting his head on the leg of one of the leaders!  Fortunately the leader working with him works in a school for children with Autism so she was quite happy 🙂

There are times Autism is hard work and there are other times when the frankness of my boys just makes me laugh so hard!  I would like to point out though that I don’t condone my boys walking around nipping bottoms and, fortunately, all the targeted leaders took it in good humour!  My boys may be different but they are popular with the folks who work with them 🙂

Everyday there is opportunity to laugh … if we are in the right frame of mind to see it!  Today has been one of those days … tough at times (because I’m totally over-tired) but funny too.  It’s been a grey day, no sign of the lovely sunshine we’ve experienced lately and therefore washing hanging about drying around the house.  All 3 of my boys are outdoorsy but Sons No2 and No3 in particular..  We don’t have a big garden by any means but they’re able to find lots to do! 

ImageI love the fact that the weather being inclement doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm!  They played in the garden with their umbrellas until their (much more sensible) Dad persuaded them to come in!  

This post ends on a more serious note … as parents we long for our sons to grow up knowing and loving God’s word.  It’s a fine line though isn’t it … we don’t want to put too much pressure on our sons and harden their hearts but we want them to learn and develop, as they grow, into men of God.  Both Mr GG and I are so painfully aware of what a poor example we give to our children but we are sincere.  I found it so heartwarming this evening at the tea-table that so much of the our conversation, led by the boys, was to do with things they’d read in the Bible.  There was a discussion about the names of Joseph’s brothers (I was pretty impressed at Son No1 remembering some of the more obscure names too!) and Son No2 was questioning us on why Cain’s sacrifice was not acceptable to God (tough one to answer but I spoke to him about Cain’s heart not being sincere in making the sacrifice … maybe some theologians can give me a better answer?).


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