Answered Prayer

Interesting discussion with Son No1 at tea-time today.  

Mr GG and I were talking about my visit to the hospital this afternoon and how I had prayed that I’d meet a fellow believer and have the opportunity to pray with them.

When I was making my rounds I came across a recently admitted patient that I knew.  We had a lovely chat, an opportunity to talk about all sorts of things and, before I left, we had the opportunity to pray together.  Wonderful.

Son No1 was very interested in this and asked if this was an example of God answering prayer.  I believe, without a doubt, that this was an answer to prayer and we had a lovely chat about it.  The boys often ask questions about how God speaks and how we know what He is saying.  I find it so exciting to hear their questions and always try to answer them as best I can.  We had such a good discussion this evening on what sorts of prayer God answers including why, if God answers all our prayers, He has  not turned the toy light-sabre into a real one.  Thinking their teaching isn’t complete yet!


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