It’s been a while ….

Well, it’s nearly ten months since I last posted.  There is a reason for that.

In June 2013 the husband of a very good friend of mine passed away.  My friend and her husband have been a huge support to me over the years and I truly value their friendship and interest in my adventures.

This gentleman was a journalist and, at times, had tried to encourage me into journalism but I resisted believing that this was not the right path for my life.  Therefore, as a tribute I decided to fulfil a secretly held desire to write creatively and last October I began a Creative Writing course with the Open Univserity.

The course hasn’t been easy and, at times, it’s been totally discouraging but I am now halfway through and considering signing up for Advanced Creative Writing in October (eek!).  I’m hesitant to make my writing public but my latest piece of coursework touched a nerve and I want to share it with you.  Whether you like this or not is entirely up to you … but I wrote this from my heart about one of my precious boys.  So, here goes …


To the casual observer he’s nothing special

Maybe a loner

Maybe quite naughty

But to those who know him

He’s amazing

He’s fun

Infectious giggles

Bear hugs and smackers

To the casual observer he may be aloof

Maybe unfriendly

Maybe just odd

But to those who know him

He’s clever

He’s smart

A bather in mud

Master of mayhem

To the casual observer he’ll maybe just scowl

Maybe just glare

Or maybe he’ll smile

But to me, as his mother,

I love him

He’s mine

He loves me completely

My gift from God

Would I change him?  I’m asked

No, not for the world

For he makes my heart sing

A song full of love

Naom Mizon 2014 ©


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed it while recognizing that it wasn’t just entertainment but came from your heart. Congratulations on signing up for a writing course. It’s tough sharing your work isn’t it?
    Condolences on the loss of your friend xx

  2. That was just beautiful Naomi, Having worked with your children in the past I know exactly which one this is. You have been cherished with 3 beautiful sons I know how much you adore each and everyone of them. Well done it was a privilege to read your poem and so kind of you to share it with others. Good luck with the course. Its hard to fit everything in when you have a young family.

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