The Aftermath …

… it’s been a funny couple of days.  The last thing I expected was that a poem written by me would be read so much and get so much feedback (mostly on Facebook but also through phonecalls etc, exciting!).  The poem came from my heart and, in some ways, was personal but my hope was that, by sharing it, more people would begin to understand that autism is not a case of “what you see is what you get”!  

Every one is unique, an individual with their own personality, their own idiosyncrasies (we all have them!) and their own temperament.  Genetics and upbringing can shape us but, the fact is we’re all unique (and yet created in God’s image … wow!).  A person on the autistic spectrum is no less different and unique.  Mr GG and I have been blessed with three amazing sons, two of whom have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders (I don’t like the term “disorder” but, maybe I’ll save that for another day!).  It’s a privilege living with autism, I really, truly believe that … my boys teach me so much and I am continually learning from them and about them, all three of them.  

I wouldn’t change anything … but … do you know what I find hardest about autism?  It’s the fact that, because my sons don’t look different, people assume they are misbehaving or rude when they react in an unexpected way (sometimes they are misbehaving … but not always!).  




And, just a two extra wee smiles from me:

1) yesterday saw the first comments on my blog and 

2) my blog was viewed in the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia and the Netherlands … how exciting 🙂

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