Highs and lows of nature

Here in GG HQ we have several pets … our cat (Slinky Malinky) two guinea pigs belonging to Son No2 (Fluffy & Pringle) and two aquariums filled with oodles of fish, shrimp and snails.

Each of the boys has their own responsibilities when it comes to the pets; Son No1 feeds the cat, Son No2 the guinea pigs and Son No3 the fish.  They don’t take much to do with the cleaning out of the hutch and aquarium but that’ll come in time.

So, this evening Mr GG and I were cleaning out the larger aquarium to put in some new plants.  That done, as the water settled we realised that one of the fish was giving birth to fry.  We watched in wonder as she peeped out from her hideyhole each time a new fish was delivered.  Wow!  So amazing!  We’re used to seeing baby fish in the aquarium but these fry were something else, so tiny!

Our excitement didn’t last long … as we watched yet another fish swooped in and feasted on the newborns!

Nature is a funny old thing!  So beautiful, so amazing and so cruel!

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