Are you a worrier like me?


A friend recently posted this picture on her Facebook page and it made me stop in my tracks.


We’re all guilty of it.  Aren’t we?  

I’m no geneticist but I do believe that we can be predisposed to be worriers.  I’m a terrible worrier, I get anxious about the slightest thing and have a very real phobia of any of the Junior GGs catching tummy bugs.  The worst thing is, I’m more worried about me catching the bug from my sons than I am about them having it although, to be fair, like most Mums I find that my world is all wrong when my children are ill (that goes for any time Mr GG is ill too).

Anyway, back to genetics – my Dear Old Dad is a worrier and, in addition to myself,  I can see that tendency in at least two of the Junior GGs.  Just on Monday Mr GG lost his security pass for work.  Son No1 spent the whole day anxious and worried that his Dad would get sacked because of it.  I reassured him, Mr GG reassured him but, despite hiding his worry well, it all came tumbling out in the evening when we talked together.  Likewise, Son No2 worries about all sorts of things especially about school homework!  Maybe it’s nonsense but I truly do believe we have inherited that worry gene from my father.  I won’t hold it against him though, he’s an amazing man and I love him dearly.

In the Bible we are encouraged not to worry, not to be terrified, not to be anxious etc.   Look at Matthew 6:25-34 or Deuteronomy 7:21 or Philippians 4:6 .  It’s pretty clear!

I am all of these things!  I’m a worrier, I’m terrified of all sorts of things the world throws at me and I’m anxious about lots of things!

So, does this mean that I am de-throning God?  Well, I guess, it really does mean just that.  It’s a horrible thought.  As a child of God I want Him to be King of my life.  I don’t like to think that I’m failing in that.  Naturally, I want to think that I’m doing a good job at living the way God wants me to.  The fact is I’m not … but I will keep on trying.  God loves me whatever, He won’t give up on me and He won’t every stop loving me despite my worrying!  For that I am thankful 🙂


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