One week (and counting) without Mr GG

It’s one week today since Mr GG went away to America with his work.  We miss him SO much!

I made a countdown visual for the Junior GGs so they had something to help them see how much time it is until their Dad gets home.  It’s hard to explain the concept of length of time to children.  They understand when we say “12 days” but in reality that feels like a lifetime to them.

Our countdown is very basic but it’s working!  Each box has been filled with a wee treat … a packet of Haribo sweets, mini eggs or something similar.  The system is that each boy takes a turn opening a box in the morning … the date is then removed from the box and it’s put in the “used” pile (routine is so important in our house!).  There was great excitement yesterday when the boys realised that we were now more than halfway through Dad’s trip.


A couple of nights ago, at bedtime, Son No3 was upset and crying because he missed Dad … Son No2 “comforted” him by saying “You’ve got to understand, Dad doesn’t live with us anymore”.  That statement broke my heart to hear but helped me to understand how it felt for them.  We took a wee trip back downstairs to have a look at the countdown and counted how many days Dad had been away and how many until he came home.  Technically, Son No2 was right … Dad isn’t living with us right now but he will be home soon and then we’ll all be together again.

I’ve been interested in the reactions the boys have had talking to their Dad.  I assumed they would be keen to talk to him and telling him how much they missed him but I was surprised at how dismissive they were sometimes.  There would be great deliberation some evenings over whether it was worth leaving the game they were playing to talk to him and one evening the conversations took this form:

Son No1: “Oh hi Dad, have you bought us anything?”

Son No2: “Argh, Dad, argh Dad … any presents yet?”

Son No3: “My foot hurts, here’s Mum.” (to be fair he’d just had a verucca treated and felt a little sorry for himself!

It really did make me chuckle … children are children.  Yes, my boys miss their Dad terribly but the thought of presents when he comes home definitely goes some way to making up for that!

In the meantime, Mr GG has left a huge hole in our home … I’m counting down the days, just as much as the boys, until his return.

Mr GG we all love you and miss you xx

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