What a difference a week makes …

Things in GG HQ have certainly changed over the past few days … and all for the good (we hope!).

First of all, Mr GG arrived home safely from America on Wednesday.  The Junior GGs were so excited on Tuesday night they struggled to get to sleep and were all awake doing a happy dance at silly o’clock on Wednesday morning!  Who could blame them!  

There was much excitement for me when I was waiting for Mr GG at the airport and Dara O’Briain wandered past!  Oooh 🙂  It’s not often I see a celebratory that I actually recognise 🙂

Anyway, back to Mr GG, he’s the important one … although he arrived home safely his luggage decided to spend a wee bit longer exploring the sights of Chicago!  This was a BIG drama for the Junior GGs who were excited about presents 😉  The luggage arrived eventually the next day and all is well!!!

Now, the second change to GG HQ … 

… introducing …



Alfie (posh name Yellow Ghost Angel).

He’s a yellow Labrador Retriever, 10 weeks old and absolutely lovely … he arrived last night and has been as good as gold so far.  Mr GG and I were prepared for a sleepless night but he behaved brilliantly.  He’s had his first injections and is due his second ones next week so we’re hoping that after that he’ll be able to go out and about.  

Slinky Malinky is a little unsure about the new addition but I’m sure, in time, they’ll get used to each other.

Mr GG and I have talked lots about adding a dog to our family.  A dog has been recommended more than once for our sons who are on the Spectrum and, in particular, a lab was suggested.  I’ve never had a dog before and was a little nervous but we took the plunge and, so far all is going well!!  

So, it appears that GG HQ is becoming something of a menagerie … apart from three delicious boys we now have a dog, a cat, two guinea pigs and oodles of fish, snails and shrimp.  My dream has always been that my children grow up used to looking after animals … it seems that dream is coming true 😉

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