Wet & muddy Sunday afternoons!

Donning our puddlebusters and waterproof coats the GG 6 (well, we have to count Alfie now!) piled into the car and, braving the weather, headed off to a local country park for a walk.

Such fun!

As always, Son No2 was armed his book (a Christmas present from his Auntie) and we were directed this way and that as he worked out what adventure we were to try next.

ImageThere was mud and lots of it … lots of stops to wash hands …

Image Image

… and, a few photos of Alfie walking nicely!





It’s hard to believe that it’s less than a month since Alfie joined our family.  He’s fitted right in to the madness that is GG HQ, he loves playing in the garden with the GG boys and loves going for walks.  He’s a bit of a chancer but we love him all the more for it (mostly!).

One of the reasons we decided to take the plunge and get a dog was to help our boys, especially Son No2.  The difference has been incredible.  Just last week I was out for a walk with all three boys and Alfie.  As we walked we met several other dog-walkers.  Previously Son No2 would have been anxious, trying to get away and very unhappy.  Now, he was stopping to talk to people about their dogs and telling them about Alfie.   I am so, so proud of him.

Mind you, young Alfred was pretty tired at the end of our long walk today (we got lost!) … he looks so lovely all curled up asleep … didn’t feel it was fair to mention we’re walking in the hills tomorrow 😉


Oh, and for anyone interested, this is the book that Son No2 is loving so much … it’s great fun.  To be honest, it’s amazing the book still looks so good as It’s taken a fair battering on some of our expeditions.



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