Bettering my parenting skills …

Well, I’ll never win any prizes for being a prolific blogger!

However, in my never-ending quest to improve my parenting skills and give my lads the best homelife possible I’ve embarked on a new challenge and I’m wanting to chart my progress and thoughts here.

A few years ago Mr GG & I bought “The Love Dare” … not because our marriage was struggling but because we realise that to keep our marriage healthy we need to work at it.  Parenting takes continual work too.  I’m never going to be the perfect mum, it’s an impossibility (as impossible as me being the perfect wife) … how can I be a perfect parent when I’m such an imperfect human.  I accept that … but it doesn’t stop me wanting to strive!

So, now I’m embarking on “The Love Dare for Parents” by Stephen & Alex Kendrick.  I’m planning to chart my progress through the Dares and be honest with my failures as well as celebrating my successes.  Who knows what the end result will be but if it, in any way, helps me as a parent then my children will benefit and that can only be a good thing.

Before beginning the book there is the opportunity to take part in an on-line evaluation.  I gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised to find that the results (which I’m not sharing here, they’re far too personal) matched with how I would expect.  The areas I need to work on as a parent are ones I recognise and realise I fall down on.  Equally, the areas where I scored highly I recognise as strengths in my parenting already (which definitely could still do with some work).

So, mug of tea in hand I settled down this morning to read and prepare myself for the day’s dare which turned out to be one of the easiest things to be asked of me … to tell my children I love them.

I understand that some families don’t make a habit of saying they love each other but, in our family, it’s something that’s said often.  It’s said along with a kiss and hug as they go off to school in the morning, it’s said during conversations with them and it’s always said after a telling off … and every single time I say “I love you”, it’s meant from the bottom of my heart.

Now, what does Day 2 hold for me …



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