Patience is a virtue …

Day 2 – and after the ease of yesterday’s dare I admit I felt quite confident settling down to read today.  That feeling didn’t last long … oh no … today’s subject was an area I sadly have to admit to failing in … patience!

People have commented to me in the past that they see me as a very patient and calm person.  Hmm, I can be … sometimes.  But, when I’m tired, stressed and worrying about things then I’m anything but.  It’s been known for Mr GG to suggest I’m as patient as a rumbling volcano … that sums it up really!!

I’m so very aware that, at times, I’m inconsistent when I comes to patience … sometimes I can be much more patient than others.  Those times when I’m aware that one or other of the Junior GGs is struggling with something (the lead up to Christmas is a huge time of anxiety and stress for one in particular) then I can be amazingly patient but at others, well, let’s just say I’m not!

Today’s dare is, again, relatively easy.  To stick the words “Love is Patient” in key places around GG HQ to, hopefully, encourage me to practise patience … I chose the fridge and a mirror (as suggested).  I also opted for the washing machine which, in all fairness, some days I spend more time opening and closing than the fridge especially given the penchant for mud certain members of the family possess.

Blogging about my journey is proving fruitful already … I’m definitely a procrastinator and would have put off today’s dare but felt I couldn’t write anything until I’d completed it!

Now, what does tomorrow hold?

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