Acts of Kindness

I don’t always believe t’internet … sometimes it tells fibs … and I don’t like to quote something unless I know absolutely that it’s correct.  However, I’m quoting something today that I like … whether it’s truly a quote from who it’s accredited to or not, I’m not sure!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

I like that!

Today’s subject is, as you may have guessed, kindness.  I like to think that I’m a kind person.  I like to think that I think of others … I don’t always, I’m only human, but I like to think that folks know I’ll be there if they need me.  And I like to think that my lads know that too.  That’s a lot of “thinking”!

Just this morning, as we drove to school, one of the Junior GGs told me he thought I was the best mum ever.  My heart was so happy when he said that … to be fair, I am the best mum ever … well, the best mum he’s ever had and I hope ever has!  I’m not always the greatest mum but, to my boys, I’m the best and I’m happy they’re pleased with the job I’m doing.  My son then went on to tell me he thought I was kind … maybe he’d been reading ahead but I doubt it, they don’t know I’m taking part in The Love Dare for Parents (unless they read this!) … maybe he was hoping I’d make chocolate brownies for their supper tonight!

So, back to being kind.  Essentially the message for today is that if we’re kind to our children and display kindness as an example of our behaviour then we will, in turn, teach them to show kindness.  We’re encouraged to include our children in acts of kindness and teach them that every one of us is equally valuable and important, no matter who we are!

The dare for today unsurprisingly is to show an unexpected act of kindness to each of the children.  This may be tough for me to complete before tomorrow … not because I’ll be struggling for ideas, but because the Junior GGs are spending the rest of today with the Senior GGs and usually arrive back just in time for bed!  Hmm, time for some creative planning I think … I’ll let you know how I get on!

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