Selfish? Me???

It seems a wee bit like overload to be posting twice in one day … but here goes!

It’s been one of those bitty days … it’s been horribly cold and windy and the rain has been torrential, so much so that the Christmas light switch-on at our shopping centre was cancelled.  The Junior GGs have been playing indoors most of the day which is never a totally good thing!

We’ve been slowly closing down an aquarium and today the job was finally finished … so, in the midst of the wind and rain I could be spotted making my way along to a neighbour’s house, carefully carrying a sweet tin with our last remaining fish in … Mr GG was sure I’d drop them but I didn’t and our last wee fishy charges were safely delivered to their new home!  Life is never dull J

So, today the subject has been “love is not selfish” – another difficult subject for me.  I’ve definitely got a tendency towards selfishness although I sense that I may not be alone in that confession.  I found today’s reading quite difficult but also encouraging too.  I was given a reminder that my children are a gift from God and whilst I need to (continually) strive to overcome selfishness as I parent them, I need also to beware of focusing all my attention on them, making them the centre of my life and, I guess to some extent, making them my idols.  It’s not always easy getting the balance right and maybe something I’ll never truly manage but I’ll keep striving.

Today’s dare has been to pray about my parenting … to think of areas that I’m selfish in and need to work on … and to re-dedicate my children to God.  When the boys were born Mr GG & I took part in what was called a “Dedication Service” in our church … we publicly gave thanks to God for the boys and promised to do our best to bring them up knowing the Bible and seeing God through our lives.  We’ve not forgotten our promises, not at all, but it’s helpful to make the promises a focus once again.

So far, six days into the Love Dare, I’m definitely finding the practical dares much easier to complete – it’s so much easier to “do” than to think deeply and acknowledge areas in my life and parenting that need work.  I’m a work in progress and I’m not afraid to admit it!

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