Cherish the love, cherish the life …

Cherish!  That’s the subject for today … cherishing our children.  ‘Cherish’ is a word I use fairly often, I talk about cherishing each moment and I strive to cherish the Junior GGs just as they are so it was very encouraging to read something reminding me that I’m doing the right thing!

The journey to becoming parents wasn’t straightforward for Mr GG and I.  I know many, many others face similar heartaches on their journey and, for some, the journey is much longer and more arduous often having a different outcome but, in our case, I believe that the trials we faced made me much more appreciative of my children and much more determined to cherish parenthood (probably the reason I’m undertaking the Love Dare).

I love my boys so very much.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all hearts and flowers and perfect home in the GG HQ.  Quite the opposite.  I find living as the sole female in our home can be beyond frustrating at times (especially in the bathroom!!!) although if I complain I’m put in my place and reminded that one of the cats and both the guinea pigs are female J.  I also find living with autism can be completely overwhelming.  I wouldn’t change the Junior GGs for anything, I love their quirks and I love the unique insight that they have on life but it has trials that I’m not prepared to write about in depth right now.  We can present as a tight family bond (and we are, very much so) but the stresses of the world often spill out in the safety of home where there is utter confidence that no matter what happens, love is unconditionally given … it’s a privilege to be in this position, to know that out child is so secure that he can truly be himself … but there are times it doesn’t feel like a privilege and that’s where the work of cherishing my children truly starts.

Today’s dare was to choose a gesture that says “I cherish you” for each of the boys.  Easy-peasy!  Or was it?  I’m quite a gesturer (is that even a word?) … I like to put my hand on the boys’ shoulders and tell them something that’s good about them, I like to give a random hug as I’m passing, or tickle them unexpectedly … that’s just me.  To be honest, I’m not the most huggy of people, I don’t particularly like hugging people that I don’t know well or am not that comfortable with … but I do love to hug people I care about, I never, ever see my parents without giving them a hug and kiss (and I really, really hope that my boys grow up to be the same with me).  So, today’s dare wasn’t as easy as I expected because I wanted it to mean something but I think I succeeded … I guess you’d need to ask the boys to know for sure though!

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