Lessons, lessons, lessons

A few months ago our family was completed (note Mr GG, that means no more pets!) by the arrival of two fluffy kittens named Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  These bundles of fur have pretty much kept us on our toes ever since and are barely tolerated by our resident black panther, Slinky Malinky who still mostly greets them with a hiss and a swipe!

However, a few days after the kittens arrived Junior GG No3 was telling a lady in our church about them and invited her to come and meet his new pets.  To my eternal delight this lovely lady, not wanting to break a promise to my lad, then phoned to make a date to visit.  Junior GG & I had a chat about how Mrs W was his guest and he had to look after her when she visited.  My boy did me proud.  Not only did he make his guest a jam sandwich when she arrived but he also gave her a curly straw for her coffee!

The actions of my son warmed my heart … I love having visitors to our home and I love entertaining (by cooking, not singing … that would be painful to all involved) so to see him taking his role as host so seriously was just lovely.

Today’s subject in the Love Dare is teaching.  It’s a subject that interests me.  I would have loved to home-school the boys but given the social difficulties that two of my lads have we felt it was better for them to be interacting with other children as much as possible.  The danger, for us, of home-schooling would have been that the boys became more isolated and less able to socialise.  I’ve never regretted that decision although I miss them and always count down to holidays (as of today we’ve got 9 more school mornings until the Christmas holidays … hooray).  The boys have all, at times, suggested that I teach them at home but when I reminded them I’d be there 24/7 and they’d not get any holidays (haha) they soon changed their minds!

However, school aside, there is so much I can teach my children.  Life skills, Bible knowledge (my favourite is still the time we taught them about the armour of God and had a life size drawing of a man on the wall … the boys called him Ryan!), caring for one another (just like looking after guests!) and so much more.  I love having the boys in the kitchen with me helping to bake and although we’re still working on it, they’re getting better at using the vacuum cleaning and washing machine (mind you, I still double check there are no nasty surprises hidden amongst their white shirts!).  My instinct is to do everything for the boys … a couple of reasons are behind that, it’s quicker and, well, I just want to look after them … but it’s not in their best interests for me to do that.

Mr GG has a big role in teaching the boys and there are few things I love more than to watch Mr GG and one of the boys working together on some project or other.  I love how they look to him for guidance, how they watch what he does and try to copy him.  There’s something so very special about seeing a father and son together.

So, today’s dare was to make two lists of things I can teach my children.  The first is a list of Life Skills and the second a list of Life Lessons.  The lists are started but I’ve a feeling that there will be lots of adding to and crossing things off for a considerable time!

I’m now more than a quarter of the way through the Love Dare and I’m enjoying it.  I’m learning and feeling encouraged by having some of my parenting ideals reaffirmed to me.  As with many things, however, I’m taking from it what I believe is applicable to me and my family but it’s an individual journey and I’d recommend it.


  1. Fantastic reading , I always enjoy the insights into your life, beliefs and of course your very precious boys. Have watched you over some years with the boys and your positive attitude I have nothing but admiration for both you & Mr M. I know a little bit about your boys & how they interact . you understand them lots! Taking everyday life in your stride doing lots of fun things with the boys and their project. I only wish more parents would realise how precious “childhood” time is and how short it is. Blink & they are adults! You will know this with your oldest going of to high school this year. I also know you count down till you have them 24/7. So roll on 9 school days then you will have your boy all day to share this special time of year with them.
    God bless & keep up the good work!
    Sheena xx

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