New Beginnings

And another year has flown past … just like that …

Looking back over the year I’ve much to be thankful for … Mr GG’s health has continued to improve and I’m so grateful for him, for his patience, love, crazy sense of humour and strength of character … Son No1 transitioned from primary to secondary education with relative ease (unlike his parents who were totally traumatised) … Son No2 has continued to delight and challenge with his quirky personality … Son No3 has made me smile with his cuteness and made me tear my hair out with his stubborn-ness!  Yes, I am truly blessed indeed.  I’m surrounded by a family that loves me so very much, I’m surrounded by friends (old and new) who make me smile, care for me and listen when I ramble on and I’m part of a great church where I’m being fed spiritually and growing in my faith.  What more could I ask for?

Christmas was different for the GG family this year … originally we planned to hide away, just the five of us, in a beautiful wee flat overlooking a harbour by the Cumbrian coast.  Unfortunately the weather conspired against us and, at the last minute, we decided to make the sensible choice and stay at home.  We kept to our plan of a quiet, understated Christmas with no huge traditional Christmas dinner … it worked!  The boys coped amazingly well with no stress and, apart from going to church in the morning we stayed at home all day playing with new toys and games (Trivial Pursuit got slightly over competitive!).

The whole festive season was successful this year … with trips to the zoo and trips to visit friends for pizza and a movie, we kept things low key and all three boys have said that it was “the best Christmas ever” (to be fair, they say that nearly every year but it’s always good to hear!).

So a new year has begun and with it a resolution!  I’m not really one for seriously making resolutions but this year sees a new me … I’ve resolved … wait for it … to learn how to properly play at least one of the boys’ Mario games!  I can play Mariokart and that’s my limit, I don’t understand the other ones at all and even with the boys (im)patiently yelling “Just press it” or “Shake the remote” I’ve no idea what I’m doing.  So, I’m planning to sit down once the boys are back at school and try to work it out once and for all.

Who knows what the year holds for any of us but I’m excited to see what opportunities open up for the GG family.  Thank you to those of you who’ve borne with my attempts at blogging and encouraged me to continue … the Love Dare will be starting again very shortly but, in the meantime, I’m still practising 🙂

And for now … Happy New Year, may 2016 be full of many happy memory making moments!




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