Catching up

I hope I’m not alone in finding the transition from holiday to term-time a strange one.  It takes me a few days to get back into my routine and used to the boys not being around.  We’re now into our second full week after the holidays and I’m well on the countdown to the next ones … 17 more school mornings to go!

After a shaky start the boys are all now settled into school (more like resigned to it in some cases!) … they’re happy that activities have started again like Boys’ Brigade, swimming and piano lessons.  The downside is that Friday evening mayhem has started once again … three boys, one in each section of the BB all finishing at different times … Mr GG & I are something of a tag team on Friday evenings!  Still, they all love going so who can complain!

It’s almost two weeks since I last blogged about the Love Dare so I’m going to cheat a little … I’m posting about two days at once rather than two separate posts.

So, I’ve reached Days 16 and 17 … the halfway mark is approaching and the subject for the two days are “Love respects God” and “Love seeks God’s blessing”. 

As a Christian parent I seek to be a good example to the boys, to teach them about God and my greatest desire for them is that they grow up loving God.  I honestly don’t care if my sons grow up to be doctors or astronauts or cars (yes, that was the ambition of a Junior GG at one time), it doesn’t matter to me if they grow up to work in the Lego factory or Legoland or move to Japan (oh boy, I’d miss them though) … all that I truly hope for them is that they grow up to be men of God, to put him first in their lives and to work for his glory.

In Day 16 we’re guided to a verse in Proverbs which says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”.  I love that, it’s something that the boys and I have discussed at times … what does it mean to fear God?  All three of the GG boys have come up with some good answers to this but my favourites are these … when we fear something we’re careful how we approach it, we’re a little scared but we’re also intrigued, we don’t go crashing about but take our time and try to learn more.  It’s incredibly difficult for a child to learn about fearing God … especially when, as a parent, I’m encouraging them to speak to God and to know that they can tell him anything.  To be fair, even as an adult, one who was brought up in a Christian home, one who’s been a Christian for well over 25 years it’s hard to get my head around.

The challenge for Day 16 was to read Psalm 139 to my boys and talk about it with them … we approached this challenge over pizza one evening … some of our best discussions are at meal-times.  The boys all had plenty to say and we all learned something … I love how much my wee lads are teaching me, I learn so much more from them than I can ever hope to teach them.

Day 17 was another subject that I love … seeking God’s blessing.  I can honestly say that I pray God’s blessing on each of the Junior GGs every single day (and for Mr GG too), I give thanks for them (all four) every day and pray that God will protect them and help them in whatever they have to do.  The verses the reading focussed on were the Beatitudes, found in Matthew 5.  The dare/challenge for the day focussed on me … is my lifestyle inviting or repelling God’s blessing on my family … wow!  The life of a parent is an example to their children … it’s up to us, as parents, to live as we want our children too … it’s fairly daunting though isn’t it!  So, in addition to praying for the Junior GGs and Mr GG I pray for myself too … that I’ll be a good example, that I’ll show Jesus through how I act and respond to people … and I’m all too aware of how often I fail.  I’m thankful that I’m a work in progress, that my children love me no matter my failings and that God sees the potential in me and doesn’t give up.

Blessed indeed 🙂

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