Snow fun :-)

There was great excitement back at GGHQ a few days ago … snow!  This makes the entire family (well, the human ones certainly!) very, very happy … we went straight out for a snowy walk, making snow angels, throwing snowballs and a certain member of the family adopted a pet snowball which he carried around with him. 

Of course, snow means sledging so the next day we met up with some friends and spent the afternoon sledging.  All of us love sledging and it’s definitely a family event … there are races and competitions to see who can slide furthest after we reach the bottom of the hill … there are also competitions to see who can spin the most as they slide.  The end result is always a huge pile of wet soggy clothes and a stampede into the bathroom to get to the bath first but it’s great fun.  I’m still covered in bumps and bruises from our sledging fun but it’s definitely more than worth it.


Today I’ve been reading about love modelling the way.  The focus of the Love Dare was on how the reader responds to the other parent and how that provides an example to our children.  I found it an easy read for me today … I’ve a great relationship with Mr GG and I think we make a great team.  He’s a good man and I couldn’t ask for a better husband for me or dad for our children.  However, I’m well aware that it’s not the case for everyone and I think that the book has handled it well … not everyone is in a situation where the other parent is a good example or even someone that should be around their children.

The aim today is that we respect (where possible) our spouse or the other parent … that we don’t criticise them in front of our children, that we realise how confusing it is to children to hear their parents speaking lovingly to them but then constantly fighting with and being critical of each other.  Mr GG and I have always been open with the boys … we generally get along really well, we don’t argue much but if we do disagree about something we don’t hide it.  We do take time to do things as a family, to laugh together and be silly together (something we’re quite good at).

So, today’s challenge is to speak to the Junior GGs about something encouraging and positive about their Dad … I’m tempted to say that I’ll have to think for a considerable time before completing the challenge but that just isn’t true (and I’m only saying it to keep Mr GG humble) … there are no end of ways that I can praise Mr GG to the boys, I can remind them how he helped them build a go-kart, how he helps them with their maths homework (which I just can’t do),  how he plays games with them, reads with them, how he’s always there when they need him, how he loves them so very much and, most of all, how he’ll always do his very best to be the best Dad he possibly can be.  I’m not the only blessed person in this house.

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