Month: December 2016

Back again!

Phew!  A few weeks ago I made a promise to myself that I’d make it back to my blog before the start of 2017 … there are still a few hours left in the year so I’ve just made it.  I’m sorry for my absence, I let life overtake for a while and neglected the opportunities to write, the intention was there but the reality is I never quite made the time.  I have also neglected the Love Dare for Parents … but I’ve not neglected trying to improve as a parent … it may be that the Junior GGs say I need to keep working on that ;-)!  I can never allow myself to stop growing as a parent for as the boys grow the needs and challenges of parenting change, seemingly daily.

All is well in GGHQ, the boys are thriving and Mr GG is working hard as always.  Lots has been going on and 2016 has pretty much disappeared in a blur as we whizzed through it.  GGHQ is undergoing a facelift to help us all fit in to our home better … the building work is pretty much complete and now the decorating is a work in progress.  Mr GG has worked his wee socks off getting rooms finished for Son No2 and Son No3 … Son No1 is happy that his room is next on the list and hasn’t complained once that he is sleeping in a decorator’s paradise.  We bought a wee piece of land at the side of our house so have made a garden extension … I’m hoping that Mr GG will be agreeable to a few chickens joining the family … maybe the lure of fresh eggs will be the key!

So, back to the Love Dare.  It felt like picking up with an old friend today when I sat down to read.  I enjoyed blogging about my journey through the book and deliberately set it aside when I stopped blogging so that I could continue from the same place. 

Today’s subject is respect for authority and teaching our children to respect not only the authority we have as parents but also the authority of others – teachers, leaders etc.  Just recently the pastor of our church has undertaken a series on The Ten Commandments.  I’ve really enjoyed the series but missed a couple of weeks due to ill or stressed sons.  So, I missed the Sunday when he preached on the fifth commandment where we are commanded to honour our parents.  To my shame, I’ve had plenty of time to listen to the sermon online ( but, as yet, I’ve not … maybe that can be a goal for 2017!

I admit I think a lot about my role as a mother.  I often feel overwhelmed by the responsibility that I’ve been given (along with Mr GG) to parent these amazing and unique children.  I make mistakes often in my parenting but I try to be a good mum and, I think, overall, I make a good effort.  BUT, I honestly don’t know that I give much thought to my attitude towards those in authority over me.  I’ve been reminded that showing respect to those in authority is honouring to God.  Maybe another goal for 2017 can be considering my attitude to those in authority … and trying to improve where it maybe falls down.  After all, the Junior GGs are still watching my every move and learning from it … as they grow they are looking to others as examples as well but I have a duty to make sure the example I set is a good one.

Well, it’s time to go and finish de-Christmassing GGHQ for another year … and time to start a new year.    This past year has been full of highs and lows, of encouragements and disappointments, of friends going and new friends being made, of cake (and lots of it) and of continuing to grow as a child of God.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for us in 2017.

Happy New Year one and all – from all at GGHQ (cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, boys, parents).