Holiday fun …

The Christmas holidays are over today for Mr GG … back to work with a thump for him!  Thankfully, his day was short and he was home mid-afternoon which was lovely.  The Junior GGs and I wrapped up and braced the cold (it seemed to be bitterly cold today) and went for a walk at one of their favourite places … it’s usually quiet and generally there are only a few dog-walkers around so even my most anxious Junior GG feels content in the knowledge that there will be no surprises.

We had a fruitless hunt in the shed for wellingtons before we left but they couldn’t be found so the boys were instructed to stay on the path and not walk on the sandy, muddy, rocky wetness!  After much pleading my resolve weakened … after all, shoes can be dried, clothes can be washed and muddy boys can be showered … I’d much rather see them clambering about and chatting about their finds.  Mind you, Son No2, as always, took it a little too far and was spied walking ankle deep in water … he never changes!  There’s no point getting annoyed about it, as I said just a minute ago, everything washes and I know that he loves water and mud … the beach is his most perfect place.  Give him his due, he didn’t complain about being uncomfortable until we got nearly home when he just said “Mum, you know, my feet are feeling quite cold” … an understatement I’d imagine!


Son No1 took the opportunity to do some Pokemon hunting so there was lots of good-natured teasing about how great company he was.  There was much excitement however at the discovery of a Dratini, a Clefairy, an Abra and a Mankey – no idea what that means but he was a happy boy!

So, today’s subject for the Love Dare is one very close to my heart.  Prayer.  Specifically, praying for our children.  I pray often for the boys throughout each day.  Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a chatter anyway but I find it quite natural to talk to God throughout the day about the boys and tell him when I’m worrying about things.  I’ve often told the boys that I thank God for them every day and it’s true, even the days that leave me wanting to run off to the hills, I give thanks for my wee family.

There’s no room for me to be complacent though, I’m well aware that I fail so often in how I pray my boys, yes I give thanks for them and yes, I talk to God about them but I’ve so much to learn in how I pray for them and what I pray for them.  Today’s dare is about teaching me as Mum how to pray more effectively for my children … I can’t say it’s one that I’ve completed, I’ve so much more to learn, but it’s one I’m happy to be working on in the days ahead and one I’m excited about.

Just before I head off and give you all peace … I made a New Year Resolution this year … and I’m wanting to record it here so I’m not allowed to forget.  I’ve resolved that we’ll aim to go out for a walk as a family every day … Day 2 and we’re still on track 🙂


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