Forgive and forget

And just like that we’re back into the routine of school and work.  I find January a strange month … I struggle to get used to the Junior GGs being back at school and miss their company so very much (including that of Mr GG, I’d hate him to feel left out).  However, the February holiday is not so very far away now and, if my maths is right (which is doubtful) there are only 22 more school mornings to get up until they arrive.

As usual, life in GGHQ has been helter-skelter with rare dull moments hidden amongst the mayhem.  The weekend flew past in a flurry of mud and muddy walks (and a migraine for poor old Mr GG).  On Saturday morning we tried to clear and create some order in the new part of our garden … the outcome is that it looks a lot worse but I’m consoling myself that it’s a work in progress. 

January also brings the anniversary of the first of our babies born straight to heaven.  January 10th is the date that stands out in my mind and is the day that I generally remember, give thanks for, and often, have a wee cry about the four babies we didn’t have the chance to meet.  I’m thankful that they will never suffer pain or heartache and look forward to, one day, being reunited with them.  I’m thankful too that through the heartache God taught me to rely on him more and to trust that he had a plan.  I’m thankful every day for the three babies that were born into our home, the Junior GGs who fill my life with laughter, hugs, tears, obsessions and laundry … you can never forget the laundry!

So the Love Dare for today was all about forgiveness.  All three boys have been brought up learning about forgiveness … if one hurts another (it happens!) then when the guilty party apologises the injured party will tell them they forgive them.  They don’t always find it easy to forgive, especially if someone has wiped their progress on a game but they always manage to even if it’s grudging at first. 

The challenge today is the first one that I’ve not really seen the point in … maybe that’s a failing on my part, I’m not sure.  The dare is to search my heart and write down my childrens’ names and, basically, a list of things they’ve done wrong before praying through it and asking for the grace to forgive.  I can’t see what’s helpful in doing that.  When one of the boys does something wrong it’s dealt with and forgotten, forgiven at the time. 

Maybe this is a challenge that, for me, would work better outwith my family … I actively try not to hold on to grudges but I have to admit, it’s not always easy to forgive … especially when someone hurts Mr GG or one of the Juniors!  So, for the rest of today that’ll be my focus, I’ll let you know how it goes …

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